• Only The Finest
    Unique, high quality diamonds and a large selection of rings
  • Only The Finest
    Unique, high quality diamonds and a large selection of rings

About Westrock Diamonds

Meet Danny Sapir, the man behind the scenes,
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What sets us apart

Biggest selection of Diamonds and Stones

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Everything is done in house

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Warranty and Guarantees

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Highest Standards and the Finest Quality

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Experience and Reputation

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We are proud of our reputation

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Learn about our process

Step 1

You have an idea! You've set an appointment and meet with a Westrock Diamonds representative to talk about a grand vision you have for the perfect custom design. You have someone in mind that you'd like to give the perfect gift to and the initial meeting helps us align to go over what that could look like. We assess your budget and help you make the right decision based on your needs. Your process, and ours, has officially begun.

Step 2

Westrock Diamonds takes it from here. We perform all of our tasks in-house so you will receive a timeline depending on what you choose. The metal used, the choice of diamond, all of this will be in place for our designers to work their magic. Using digital rendering, our team will illustrate how your piece will look with the metal and stone of your choosing.

Step 3

Using cutting edge technology, our manufacturers will give your piece the care it deserves – the care you deserve – to make sure it's perfectly unique. Again, since we build everything in-house, we can keep you up to date throughout the build process. We know you want the perfect Westrock Diamond piece and the build process is where we bring your vision from idea to reality.

Step 4

Your vision has come to life. We've taken each step of the journey with you and put the finishing touches on a memorable experience you'll cherish forever. You walk out of Westrock Diamonds with the perfect diamond piece. Whether it's for you, a loved one or an associate, you'll leave with a sparkling example of why you chose Westrock Diamonds in the first place. The smile on your face will only be matched by the person who receives what you envisioned.

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